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No contracts!
For years commercial laundry services have tied their clients up with lengthy contracts that really only benefit the laundry provider. At Grand Wash you call the shots and we will comply with your needs on a flexible basis. Our service is unbeatable, our prices are competitive and we take pride in caring for your valuable laundry.

We Do it All
We are well-equipped to handle all your professional laundry needs, including blankets, towels, sheets, napkins, table cloths, and more. Here is a sample of the types of clients we are well equipped to take care of:
* restaurants
* hotels
* bed & breakfasts
* time share
* vacation rentals
* spas
* massage therapists
* military
* and many others.

After Hours Commercial Use
For business customers that want to save money and have full control we offer afterhours access available from 10pm to 7am. You can have exclusive use of our facility and our card system can provide a record of machine use if you desire to keep track.

Our Facilities

Grand Wash has state-of-the-art commercial washing machines and dryers which can process over 5,000 pounds of laundry per day.

How it Works
As a commercial customer at Grand Wash you will enjoy the benefits of working directly with the owner. We will work together with you to set up a customized service that focuses on your business needs:
* Frequency of pickup
* Quantity and textile type/ special care
* Turn-around time
* Pricing model and payment options
* other specific requirements

Contact us today to set up a time to talk.

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Phone: (858) 270-5526
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