Simple Wash N Fold Pricing:
$55 for a large bag Price includes all the laundry you can fit in the bag, typically around 4 loads of laundry. Washed, dried, folded, and delivered!*

What if ALL your laundry for the week only took you 5 Minutes!?
Nobody has to know. It can be just our little secret. Two and a half minutes to drop it off at Wash Plus and two and half minutes to pick it up. Clean, folded laundry. Yes, it is just that easy! And if your family thinks you slaved over baskets of stinky socks all day long, well, we will just let them go on believing that.

Finally, a cost-effective answer to the worst chore in the house.
When you really think about how much time and effort you spend doing your laundry, the numbers are staggering. Aren’t there better, more productive ways to spend your time? Play with the kids more, go shopping, get some other more important work done, whatever you like.

Next day service, with our careful attention to detail.
Just five minutes at our convenient Santa Rosa location and you’ll be off doing the things you WANT to do with your time. We will carefully sort, wash, dry, and fold your laundry in time for your next day pickup.

A special bonus for procrastinators!

We’ll come get the laundry from you and bring it back! Yes, it finally pays to put things off! If you have 75lbs of laundry (that’s roughly 7 baskets full), we will pick up and deliver your laundry for free. So do you put your laundry off until the end of the month? And then waste your entire weekend at the laundromat? * Pickup and delivery services require a minimum purchase of $40.

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